Hi, my name's Arun and I'm a Digital Designer. I've built all manner of websites, from the most basic w3 compliant html[5] & css[3], my favourite, through to web shops using Magento and CMS sites on Wordpress and SilverStripe. All my Graphic Design work is completed using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Examples of all my work can be found below. and you can contact me here for any more information.



  • Jonathan Delaney's Site thumbnail

    JonathanDelaney.co.uk is a website I built for an Architectural Designer friend of mine. He wanted something that would give a clean cut professional presence online and so between us we came up with this site.

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  • The MBR Site thumbnail

    The MBR Site was a project I recieved through a course I did at college. I was asked to clean up the design and rebuild the site for my client. I freshened the look and build the site to make it more robust to make updates easier.

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  • Crawley Tornados thumbnail

    Crawley Tornados formerly known as Luton Tornados are the Netball team my sister plays for. I thought it a good idea for them to have a useful site, being beneficial for both myself and them as a platform to expand my skills and given them a base on the web.

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  • Porrima Associates website thumbnail

    Porrima Associates website is under construction......

    Site Under Construction...
  • Addison Ousebank thumbnail

    Addison Ousebank is a company in Oakley that I built a series of websites for. They had a website which was popular but hard to navigate. I designed and built a new set of websites with a common style, for each aspect of their business.

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  • S.P.A. Luton thumbnail

    S.P.A. Luton is a local hindu community based in Herts, Beds and Bucks. This website is to give them an online presence and allow community members to know what events are going on.

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  • Sital Lad website thumbnail

    Sital Lad is a Graphic Design graduate. I made this site layout for her in collaboration with Dipun Mistry. The purpose of the site was to showcase some of her projects.

    Site Offline

Design Work

  • The Institutes Nightmare Before Christmas Thumbnail

    The Institutes Nightmare before Christmas: A friend of mine went to school at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. He was organising their Christmas Party and asked me to design a Poster based on their theme. Here is what I produced.

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  • Ravi's 21st Birthday Presents Thumbnail

    Community Events Posters: These are posters and flyers for community events that I helped organise or participated in. I designed these and got them printed.

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  • Manojmasa's 50th Birthday Montage Thumbnail

    Uncle's 50th Birthday Montage: This is a montage I created for my uncle's 50th Birthday Present designed on the theme of the new James Bond movie staring Daniel Craig.

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  • Ravi's 21st Birthday Presents Thumbnail

    Ravi's 21st Birthday Present: These are aset personalised of images that were Photoshopped and framed for Ravi's Birthday Present. I thought I would create something personal without making another montage (like those below).

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  • Party Invitations Thumbnail

    Party Invitations: A collection of different Party Invitaions I have made over the years for different family and friends functions.

    Section Under Construction...Link to Gallery
  • Dad's 50th Birthday Montage Thumbnail

    Dad's 50th Birthday Montage: I made this poster/montage to display at my Dad's 50th Birthday Party. It is a brief summary of some of the major event's in his life.

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  • Aunt's 50th Birthday Montage Thumbnail

    Aunt's 50th Birthday Montage: This is a another montage I created for my Aunt's 50th Birthday present. Similar to my Dad's one but with my more images and a more refined approach.

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  • Degree Show (2008) Presentation Board

    Architecture 2008 Degree Show: This is the final presentation board that went up in my degree show.

    Link to Presentation Board
  • Degree Show (2008) Presentation Extras

    Architecture 2008 Degree Show Extra Images: These are a selection of images that went up on a digital presentation along side my final presentation board for the degree show. (Click link in bottom right to open separate presentation.)

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